There are many ways to enjoy your membership in the UK Woman’s Club as a part of its mission of service to provide scholarships and fellowships to the University of Kentucky while enjoying the friendship of women with many talents and interests.  We offer many  Interest Groups with something for everyone to enjoy. Activities range from stimulating book discussions to exploring creative arts, from playing Bridge to local outings, to cooking classes, or to playing golf. We have it all. As a member of the UK Woman’s Club, all of these activities and more are available to you!

Each year, we host a variety of Club Socials and special events for our members to attend campus activities such as exhibitions at the UK Art Museum, performances by the UK Opera Theatre, and UK Athletics games. We also host community events, including group outings to Lexington’s Gallery Hop events, receptions, and local tours. We encourage our UKWC members to bring their friends and families to these Club Socials and special events. Everyone is welcome.

In addition to our Interest Group and Club Social activities, we have several volunteer committees where our members engage in service to the Club and the University. We have a Hospitality Committee that provides food for our events year-round. Our Club History Committee works on archiving our rich traditions and newfound pastimes. The Social and Decorating Committee handles all the arrangements for our events and luncheons. The Membership Committee works together to bring more women into the Club.

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