Year 2022 started out similarly to last year with the present onset of the Omicron Variants looming. There are some challenges to overcome, but we are better prepared to take them on due to the lessons we learned from the previous year. We will take precautions, as needed, as we engage in the 2022 UKWC activities and continue our Club missions of "Fun, Friendship and Philanthropy."
   Spring is just around the corner, and there are plans already being made for the May Plant/Yard Sale. For you members who are gardeners and planning to thin out your yard plants as well as house plants, please save them for this upcomimg fundraising event. The funds from our various fundraisers have provided much needed scholarship funds that are awarded to deserving University of Kentucky undergraduate students. UKWC also has an Endowment Fund at UK that awards fellowships to graduate students; current fellowship recipients are featured are featured on this website.
     As we look forward to the next few months which will eventually bring warmer weather and lots of sunshine. Stay Well, stay active, and stay connected!

Marilyn Childre, President