The University of Kentucky Woman's Club (UKWC) welcomes all women – faculty, staff, alumni, their wives, friends and families. We come together in service to UK students, while sharing common interests and engaging in fun social activities.

Our activities include four luncheons each year that offer presentations about timely and relevant topics. We have over 15 Interest Groups for members to enjoy together, including the creative arts, literature and book discussions, bridge, area tours, restaurants and entertainment. Our family play group welcomes moms and tots.

Student Aid Fund

Since the inception of the UKWC Student Aid Fund in 1973, we have awarded 212 undergraduate scholarships and 46 graduate fellowships to non-traditional students at the University of Kentucky. These scholarships and fellowships total over $625,000.

Message From the Outgoing President

Dear UKWC Members,

This has been a year of growth and change.  I am excited by the enthusiasm, ability, and creativity demonstrated by the new members who have seamlessly become a part of our organization.  I have great expectations for this club whose members continue to amaze and delight me. The new endeavors, from the golf scramble to the fund run to planning for an October fashion show, illustrate a willingness to find new avenues to support our scholarship aid fund.  Although we seek to change as needed, we are an organization that will always value and honour our history, but as one poster proclaimed, “If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the goal”.  While we may be changing strategies to fund the scholarships we give, we are not deviating from our goal to support the education of UK’s non-traditional students. 

Honouring our history was never more evident than the programs for the October and February luncheons.  Ruth Strauss, former president of UKWC and a long-time member, delighted the members with her presentation “The Changing Roles of Women in the UKWC and in Society”. Ruth flawlessly wove her personal history into the history of the women of the UKWC and society as whole.  In February, through “Finding your Roots” Merylee Ortmayer presented a method for researching our own genealogy.  By sharing her personal journey to discover her “roots”, Merylee entertained and informed the membership as well as inspired many to launch their own search.  These two members represent the vast array of stories that make up the membership of the UKWC.  The common refrain from the members hearing Ruth and Merylee was, “I want to hear more”, which is certainly the highest form of praise for a presenter.

The members of the UK Woman’s Club are an inspiration to me, but never more than during my tenure as president.  Alexander Den Heijer said that “The heroes that inspire us are the ones in which we see a glimpse of our own potential.” The level of intellect, talent and charm possessed by these fascinating women has truly humbled me on many occasions.  I am honored, flattered and appreciative that the members of the UK Woman’s Club allowed me to serve as president.  I truly feel that I received more than I gave.  I now reflectively take my place in that illustrious group known as past-presidents.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn McCoy-Simandle, Past President

OFFICERS FOR 2017 - 2018

President: Remona Edenfield

President-Elect: Mary (Peg) Kasa

Vice-President: Sue Ann Hillman

Recording Secretary: Tina Peter

Corresponding Secretary: Sandy Cook

Treasurer: Pat Wilson



August 22 ( Location TBA) 3:30 - 5:00

September 26 (Boone Center Bar Library) 3:30 - 5:00