Completed applications must be received at UK Woman's Club Scholarship Committee, P.O. Box 22172, Lexington, KY  40522 or submitted via email to by March 15, 2022. Prior to applying, complete the  2022-2023 Federal Application for Student Financial Aid (FASFA). To be considered for UKWC Scholarships, finalists must participate in an interview with the UKWC Scholarship Committee.


Each year, the UK Woman’s Club provides tuition scholarships for undergraduate students.  Consideration is given to non-traditional women students with unmet financial needs. The scholarship amount and the number of awards each year is contingent on funds available. UKWC members are not eligible for these scholarship awards.


Information on eligibility requirements and application forms will be available by December 2021 at: under Scholarships.




Each year, UK Woman’s Club members work diligently to raise funds for the UKWC Student Aid fund. This fund awards undergraduate tuition scholarships to non-traditional UK students with unmet financial needs.  Over the years, $635,000.00 has been awarded to 225 scholarship recipients.

For the 2020-21 financial year, a total of $37,500.00 has been awarded to four UK undergraduate students.


UKWC Gloria Singletary Award



Valerie is a 25-year-old first-generation college student pursuing a degree in Psychology. She and her husband, also a student, have one child and have assumed other family responsibilities. She has also worked as a volunteer with refugees and with the homeless. Despite family commitments and working 25 hours a week, she has maintained a 3.6 GPA. She hopes to graduate in 

in May 2022 and plans to attend graduate school and obtain a Ph.D. in Clinical and Social Psychology with an emphasis on higher education and research.

From Valerie:

"I am a psychology major with a primary interest in researching emotions, emotion regulation, and interpersonal relationships. I am also a human rights and social justice activist and have worked with many organizations to promote equity and inclusion. My partner and I have a daughter and we care for my disabled parents while we finish our respective degrees.

This scholarship will help me devote more time to my academics and research, thus helping me prepare for graduate studies while caring for my family."


UKWC Virginia Lane Award


Social Work

Charity is a 47-year-old woman pursuing a degree in Social Work with a certification in diversity and inclusivity. She dropped out of high school in her junior year and will be the first college graduate in her family of four generations. Despite working a full-time job and family responsibilities, she has maintained a GPA of 4.0. She hopes to work in private practice and with a local non-profit, multi-disciplinary clinic. She says she believes in reaching clients where they are, meeting their needs in all aspects of life, and is interested in working with the LGBTQ community.

From Charity:

"I am extremely grateful to receive this scholarship. It will take a large burden off me and my family. I think it is wonderful that the UKWC exists and that women are being encouraged to pursue higher education."

UKWC Scholarship


Social Work

Afiya is a 38-year-old single parent of two children. After a difficult domestic period in her life, she enrolled in BCTC and then to UK to pursue a degree in Social Work. She has been working with Franklin County Drug Court as a program supervisor and hopes to continue to a Master's in Social Work after graduating from UK in December 2021. She plans to become a Clinical Therapist, working in the field of substance abuse and mental health.

From Afiya:

"It is an honor to be awarded this scholarship for my hard work and resilience. This scholarship will relieve the economic burden and allow me to take care of my children. It is a huge relief. Thank You! I plan to continue my education and obtain my MSW. I want to help those who feel lost, unloved, unwanted, and alone. That was once me and pushed me towards greater things. I want to be somebody else's "someone".

UKWC Scholarship


Medical Laboratories Science

Caci is a 26-year-old single mother. Inspired to improve life for herself and her daughter, she enrolled at BCTC with a view of becoming a radiologist. However, a work-study program with Baptist Health, where she was introduced to a wide range of medical disciplines, convinced her that medicine should be her chosen career. Encouraged by mentors and friends, she enrolled in all premed classes, successfully graduated from BCTC, and was accepted into the Medical Laboratories Science Program at UK. She has maintained a 4.0 in this very rigorous program and hopes to apply to medical school after graduating in December 2021. 

From Caci:

"I am so grateful to the UK Woman's Club for their generous scholarship donation. Being a full-time student and full-time mother is challenging and expensive, but this scholarship will help alleviate some of that stress. Even though I am about to graduate wu

with my Bachelor's, my educational journey is far from complete! I plan on attending the UK College of Medicine with the hope of becoming a pathologist."


With the support of the Kentucky Research Challenge Grant, the UK Woman’s Club established an Endowment Fund with the University of Kentucky. Since 2006 this fund has enabled us to award 64 fellowships totaling $131,000.00. Fellowships are administered by the UK Graduate School.